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Boric Acid ants

Boric acid ants – A battle between a human and dozens of army battalions.

 Terro 1 oz Ant Killer II T100 - best boric acid antsAnts could be a very problematic issue if you don’t take any preventive action to stop them and boric acid ants is the best way to eliminate them. Currently I use Terro 1 oz Liquid Ant Killer II T100 to do the jobs. Killing them by using regular ants spray killer is not going to be the best way to solve this issue. I also did have the same problem 2 years ago where there were a lot of ants in my house. Even when I left my food for few minutes at an open area in my house those small soldiers would immediately attacked my food in large of numbers.

This is a very uncomfortable situation particularly when I got guest in my house for a small party. Luckily one of my guests suggested me to use boric acid ants. Using spray is like fire fighting alternative when you’ve killed them the next day they would come again.

To effectively kill them all we need to ensure the source is taken away which is their nest but hey we don’t know where is their nest so how to kill these small and brave soldiers from our house?

Ants bait or acid boric ants is the best secret weapon to battle these small soldiers. After my friend suggested me to get acid boric ants I immediately went to Amazon to find those secret weapons and instantly purchased few of boric acid packs from different brands to analyze which one is the best.

I purchased 3 best boric acid ants

I bought Boric Acid Roach & Ant Killer by Zap-A-Roach, Terro 1 oz Liquid Ant Killer II T100 and Boric Acid Powder. I hate ants and for years I failed to beat them in this long era war so I bought these three to ensure this time I’m going to win this battlefield.

Once I received my orders I started my plan on how to deploy my secret weapons, boric acid ants to combat with these small soldiers. All of these three boric acid ants are easy to use all you need to do is to place or sprinkle the boric acid at the targeted place like around door, behind stove and fridge and behind the couch.

Boric Acid Roach and Ant killer by Zap-A-Roach I placed in front of house nearby the bench. The second one which is Terro 1 oz Ant Killer II T100 I placed the bait behind my small garden beside a big rock. I notice this location got the most ants and perhaps the nest is just nearby under the ground or the rock. The last brand Boric Acid Powder I placed it at my store. Since it’s in the form of powder it’s better to place inside a closed area and far from my main house area.

After one week, I analyzed the results from these three products. I personally quite disappointed with all of them since ants still appeared at my house especially at my couch. However I noticed behind my garden near the big rock there were few dead ants there. But still the secret weapon seemed not working as expected. These small soldier are pretty smart, they diverted from their previous route to the new one since I already placed a lot of boric acid ants at their old route.

How to use boric acid to effectively kill ants

acid boric ants 2013 - kill antsSo, I went back to my kitchen and took a cup of sugar and mixed them with Terro 1 oz Ant Killer II T100. Ants could never outsmart humans and after just five days I noticed there were no more ants at that big rock and I was so happy it looked like this time I’m going to win this combat.

I used the same Terro 1 oz Ant Killer II T100 and mixed them with sugar and a little of water and placed my modified secret weapon at all of the places around my house. 2 weeks after that I could say that 95% these small soldier had been successfully rid of.

When they got the sugar, the soldier would bring the food to their nest and bump !! All of them will eat the food and be eliminated.

I keep continue doing monthly maintenance to place boric acid ants from Terro 1 oz Ant Killer II T100 ( since it’s the cheapest and the most effective boric acid ants) at targeted area to avoid other uninvited small soldier disturbing my family and my food.

Where to purchase boric acid?

Boric acid can be found at your nearby stores for animal or if you’re that lazy to go there you can just simply order it from Amazon. It’s so cheap and just few cent different if you purchase at local store. Hopefully my story would give you some ideas how to deal with ants and where to purchase boric acid. Good luck with it.

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